Scale Model Civil War Cannons

"For Those Who Still Hear The Guns"

9 inch Dahlgren Shell Gun on a Navy Marsilly Carriage

These are all scale models of civil war cannons used by the north and south during the civil war . They are of various scales. I have plans for approximately 16 civil war cannons and plan to add to my collection. The 24 pounder has a 1 inch bore and 18inch barrel. The barrel alone weighs 25 lbs. The wheels are 17 inches high. Very impressive  model. Notice the dime for scale.

 Latest  cannon project finished 

7 inch Brooke Sea Coast Rifle on a centre Pintle Barbette Carriage
32 pounder ships cannon, 50 caliber 32 pounder seacoast cannon on a front Pintle Casemate Carriage
24 pounder field howitzer in 1/8 scale